An open discussion — what does it take to build a D2C brand?

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On August 25, 2021, we launched our Indiegogo campaign for our cold brew system Shelbru. This effectively marked the launch of our D2C brand and we’ve come a long way since then.

We’ve met our crowdfunding goal by almost 120%, which helped us fund our first manufacturing run. We’re continually accepting pre-orders through our InDemand campaign. We’re gearing up to launch with distributors in APAC in early 2022 as well as opening up additional distribution channels here in the US.

But creating a D2C brand is complicated, especially when you are selling a physical product. Cash flows, margins, maintaining our supply chain, financing future product developments, growing brand awareness in a cost-efficient manner — these are only some of the topics that has been keeping us up at night.

Being an entrepreneur is not only scary but it’s also very lonely. So we wanted to reach out our hand to the robust Medium community here and ask for any articles, resources, or advice that experienced entrepreneurs have on growing and scaling a D2C brand.

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Shelbru - Cold Brew Set

Shelbru - Cold Brew Set

Follow our journey to building our Cold Brew Set! COMING SOON